What to watch & read over Christmas break to refresh your understanding of leadership 

The Swimmers (Netflix)

“A heroic tale about two Syrian refugee women, Yusra and Sarah. They were taught that the path to leadership lies in mastering a skill (in their case, swimming). But they learned that leadership is just as much about resourcefulness and the ability to conjure up ideas & solutions from nothing.” 

Succession (HBO)

Connor Roy’s delusional presidential campaign. Shiv Roy’s organisational politics and inability to cultivate an authentic leadership style. Kendall Roy’s obsession with status and self-importance. Watch a season of this to understand what dreadful leadership looks like.”  

Jane Fonda in Five Acts (Now TV) 

“Fonda’s genius as a leader is her agility, her rare ability to reinvent herself dynamically to best support the causes that most need her backing.”  

Dame Stephanie Shirley’s biography Let it Go   

“One of the most inspirational leaders of her time, known for her pragmatism, resilience and integrity.”  

Louis Theroux’s interview with Chelsea Manning, American activist & whistleblower (BBC iPlayer)

“A fascinating watch and a reminder that, as Louis puts it, as leaders, and as people, our frailties are inseparable from our gifts.” 

Merry Christmas!

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