Unlocking Better Client Relationships for The Forge Insight

We’re proud to share that we’ve been commissioned to deliver a bespoke version of our Unlock Better Client Relationships training programme for the award-winning strategy consultancy, The Forge. We’re embarking on a comprehensive six-month programme of learning and doing to help the team change their behaviours so they can become as good at building relationships as they are at delivering great work. 

What is our approach  

We’re coming on board to help The Forge make the shift from account-based, transactional business relationships  project-based behaviour to personal human relationships and invested in a clients career success. ​Comprising of four core workshops, the programme is about empathy and action, covering:

  • Understand Clients: Draw on our 25 years’ client-side to learn to see through the clients’ eyes, including client-side cycles, commercial pressures & personas.
  • Understand Yourself: Explore behavioural and communication preferences using TTI Success Insights (Alex is an accredited DISC practitioner), looking at ourselves as individuals and how we come together as a team.
  • Unlock Better Relationships: Explore how to use insights from DISC profiles to adapt, connect and work better with one another and develop better client relationships.
  • Action planning: ​We train the team to turn the learnings into measurable  action plans for The Forge for teams and for individuals

Learning that sticks

At LockSmith, we are passionate about delivering training that drives long-term sustainable change. We don’t believe in one-off interventions. That’s why we’re integrating an ongoing programme of support for The Forge, including a programme of guided self-directed learning, group coaching, peer-peer support, accountability clinics and more. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our approach to embedding learning for any of your training needs!

We’re here to help 

If you or your team need help unlocking better client relationships or upskilling your marketing team, please get in touch with us.

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