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We’ve just wrapped a two-day Key to Brand Management training course with a group of brilliant marketers from Clorox.

What did we cover  

The focus for the two days was strategic thinking, delivered with lots of practical exercises, discussion, and gamifying. Most importantly, we worked on live business issues to make sure the learnings are immediately applicable and stand a stronger chance of sticking.

Interactive, hands-on learning

We strongly believe that the best learning is live, in conversation with peers and facilitators, and working on real projects.

That’s why we are proud to have piloted our first 100% interactive, self-directed learning tool for this training programme for Clorox UK. This e-learning module covers the Core Marketing Principles that we believe all marketers need to know as a foundation for all of their work. Some of the areas we cover reference How brands grow by Byron Sharp, The long and short of it by Binet and Field, plus awesome work by the likes of Grace Kite and Jenni Romaniuk to name a few.

Our delegates were briefing to embark on this self-directed, e-learning journey as a prelude to the workshop. Leaving more time for practice, and less time on theory, in the in-person session.

What was the result

We are so proud to share the training course received a 5-star rating and a whopping 100 NPS score! Here’s what some of the delegates had to say:

– “The LockSmith training is best in class. They take a lot of what you already know (but may have forgotten), world leading marketing science and combine it in a way that is easy to understand and implement when back in the business.” Emma Pinto
– “Amazing workshop that not only teaches the theory behind great brand management and strategy building, but gives you actionable tools to execute in your business.” Rebecca Nash
– “Chris & Alex have a brilliant way of communicating, engaging and embedding learning that turns into practical tips and tools that can really be used to enhance your day job and team progress.” Roxanne Amir-Mohammadi

What happens next

At LockSmith, we are passionate about delivering training that drives long-term sustainable change. We don’t believe in one-off interventions. That’s why we’re integrating an ongoing programme of support for Clorox, including a programme of guided self-directed learning, cheat sheets, tools & templates, accountability sessions with line managers and project clinics to apply learnings to live business challenges. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our approach to embedding learning for any of your training needs!

We’re here to help 

If you want to unlock your marketing teams full commercial, strategic potential, we’re here to help! Please get in touch with us.

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