6 brand-building books to gift your CFO – and what to write in the Christmas card

The Long & Short of It 

By Les Binet and Peter Field

“The Marketing Effectiveness bible! Thought you might enjoy this deep-dive into the science behind the number 1 goal in marketing: making LASTING impact on consumer behaviour.” 

How Brands Grow 

By Byron Sharp

This book taught me everything I need to know about what price promotions really do. Read this to discover the laws and evidence we base our marketing budgets on.”

Building Distinctive Brand Assets 

By Jenny Romaniuk

“A timely reminder that a) we’re all brand builders and b) we can use this to our advantage when the going gets tough!”

Obviously Awesome 

By April Dunford

“Marketing needs to be the rocket fuel that our sales teams use to drive business performance.  This book helps us get our proposition spot on, to maximise sales.” 

Overthrow II

By PhD and eatbigfish

“A series of brilliant case studies that demonstrate how brands can win against seemingly overwhelming odds by aligning all areas of the business behind focused strategy.” 

Purple Cow  

By Seth Godin

“Purple Cow is about the choice between being invisible and being remarkable. Purple Cow isn’t a marketing function that you can slap on to your product or service. It’s inherent: it’s built right in, or it’s not there. A great set of case studies about brands getting it right (and wrong).” 

Let us help you make a business case for brand-building

When it comes to winning business buy-in for your brand-building strategy, we know a Christmas card isn’t going to cut it. Transforming your business from short-term marketing efficiency focus to long-term profitable marketing effectiveness is a big decision. A big decision which needs a credible business case to get your strategy over the line.

That’s why we’ve created a free two-part guide including a handy summary of core brand-building theory, our expert analysis of the latest brand-building case studies and actionable insights to help you make a case for brand-building in your business.

Get your FREE two-part guide here.

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