Helping Vodafone deliver better briefs

We had a fantastic experience with the Vodafone marketing team in Dublin this week. We were there to deliver a tailored version of our ‘Unlock Amazing Briefs’ training, a course we designed to teach marketers how to write and deliver much better briefs and there much better work.  

Why briefing matters 

Briefing is critical if you want great work.  But briefing is hard and most people aren’t taught how to do it properly.  In fact, many marketers are criticised for writing poor briefs by their agencies, as you’ll see in this report by The Better Briefs Project.    

What the course covers   

We covered why briefing matters, the foundations of a good brief, writing the brief, delivering the brief and importantly how to embed the learnings to help the team get to better work and better performance. 

The result  

We are proud to say that the feedback from the Vodafone team has been incredible, as the course brought the different sides of a big team together and helped them feel closer to the work! In the words of Orla Nagle, Head of Marketing at Vodafone: 

“We signed up for an ‘Unlock amazing briefs’ workshop but Alex and Chris delivered so much more than that! The energy and passion that they brought to the subject was a joy to experience. With practical examples and inspiring stories throughout the day I can honestly say I have never seen the team so engaged – a few weeks have passed since the training and the team are still buzzing. 

The course has not only reframed and elevated the importance of the brief and brief writing as a process, but has gone one step further to influence a change to our team’s way of working. We’ve a new process in place where we do a ‘pre brief’ team chat, meaning the whole team understand what we are trying to achieve with the work and have an opportunity to input, even if not working directly on the project. A 2nd team session is then used to share WIP brief for builds. It’s really brought the different sides of a big team together and they are loving feeling closer to the work!” 

We’re here to help 

If you or your team need help unlocking better briefs, please get in touch with us.

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