Unlocking Amazing Briefs

A one-day course that teaches you everything you need to know about how to write and deliver amazing briefs.

On ‘Unlocking Amazing Briefs’ you will learn about the key components of a great brief, how to deliver the brief inspirationally and then how to feedback on the response to get to great work.

Only £595 + VAT per delegate.

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Who is ‘Unlocking Amazing Briefs’ for?

Marketing people / teams of all backgrounds and levels who want to significantly improve the quality of their marketing output, by becoming better at briefing.

Brand and marketing managers, of all backgrounds and levels, who want to hone their brief writing and delivery skills to inspire great work

Agency account managers, strategists and creatives who want to gain insight into client side thinking and process to improve their understanding and delivery against briefs.

People working with, or wanting to move into, marketing and brand teams, who want to give themselves a head-start by learning one of the core skills required to deliver great marketing activity.

What you’ll learn on ‘Unlocking Amazing Briefs’

The pivotal role that briefing plays in translating internal strategic theory into external action that drives sales and how to avoid common pitfalls

The brief comes as a result of good strategy, so this course identifies and outlines the key components and processes that bring you to the point of briefing

    • Situation analysis
    • Audience understanding
    • Insights
    • Strategy
    • Activity selection
  • The components of a good written brief
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Identifying the ONE THING that the brief needs to deliver
  • A briefing template for you to use
  • Why the delivery matters as much as the written brief
  • Inspirational examples
  • Tips for delivering a great brief on any budget

What’s included 

  • Unlocking amazing briefs taught via 7 hours of live classroom time

  • Course workbook containing tools and templates

  • Access to the full course materials on our online learning hub for a period of 6 months

  • Interactive sessions with group breakouts

  • Q&A opportunities with Chris and Alex

  • A host of exciting guest speakers delivered via voxpops

  • Support and troubleshooting from Chris and Alex

Why we wrote this course

We’ve designed ‘Unlocking Amazing Briefs’ to teach marketers how to write and deliver much better briefs and get much better results.  

Briefing is critical if you want great work.  But briefing is hard and most people aren’t taught how to do it properly.  In fact, many marketers are criticised for writing poor briefs by their agencies, as you’ll see in this report by The Better Briefs Project. ‘Unlocking Amazing Briefs’ is here to fix that!

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£595 (+ VAT)


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