A new course helping Marketing & Planning teams unlock better insights

We’re in Madrid this week! We’re here to pilot a new myth-busting training course, called ‘Unlock Real Insights’, for William Grant & Sons, the premium spirit distillers.  

The course is designed to unlock insight, one of the most over-used and least-understood terms in marketing, by helping teams to learn how to differentiate information from insight, uncover & generate insights, and apply insight to unlock growth. 

Who is this course for?   

The pilot we’re delivering in Madrid has been designed as a bespoke one-day workshop at a company off-site in Madrid for the Insights & Analytics team at William Grant and Sons, to help develop the team’s skills in this critical area. But, the foundations of this course would be valuable for marketers of all levels. The aim of the game is to help anyone looking to significantly improve the quality of their marketing output, by better understanding insights and how to use them to unlock growth. 

What we cover 

The pilot we delivered for William Grant and sons was designed to hone the team’s insights skills, including modules such as ‘the power of insights’, ‘defining the issue’, ‘identifying barriers & opportunities’, ‘generating insights’ and ‘using insights’.  We love courses like this, where we combine functional skills training with lots of practice and application. 

Get in touch  

If your business or team (from marketing, brand and comms to planning, insights & analytics) would benefit from bespoke, in-house insight training, please get in touch with us.

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