The power of the group & other closing thoughts from ‘Unlock Your Brilliant Best’

Today I said farewell to my latest cohort of awesome women, who after 6 weeks together have well and truly Unlocked Their Brilliant Best.

We covered a lot of ground, challenging, inspiring and empowering one another, and exploring the different obstacles that hold us back, from limiting beliefs and perfectionism to low confidence.

Step changes to be proud of

Everyone without fail made huge progress on their journey and made transformative step changes in their mindset. Quotes like “I’ve gone from being apologetic to confident” and “I feel prepared to tackle any challenges in front of me” are the reason I do coaching work. Some of the achievements from the group include:  

  • I secured a new role I wouldn’t have gone for otherwise  
  • I’m comfortable with who I am  
  • I’m clear on what energises me and what I want to do more of  
  • I’m not people pleasing as much  
  • I’m speaking up in meetings more  
  • I’m excited to step into the space I have created  
  • I’m energised and excited about my future  

The power of the group

What I love most about my coaching programmes is seeing groups of women come together to support one another. It has been heart-warming to see the amazing women in my latest cohort commit to staying in touch and meeting up regularly to continue supporting one another and to hold each other to account. I always say that the most powerful and unexpected upside of my course is the power of the group, and this proves it yet again. 

It’s time to Unlock YOUR Brilliant Best     

I am opening the doors to another round of Unlock Your Brilliant Best this September, and spaces are filling up fast so please register your interest to secure your place.

Or simply get in touch if you’d like to hear more or chat about anything coaching related.

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