Helping Lionsgate deliver better briefs

We are busy preparing to train Lionsgate, global content specialists, & their marketing team to write and deliver better briefs.

Next week, we will visit the team to deliver a 1-day workshop which is a tailored version of our ‘Unlock Amazing Briefs’ training, a course we designed to teach marketers how to write and deliver much better briefs – and get to much better work as a result.  

Why briefing matters 

Briefing is critical if you want great work.  But briefing is hard and most people aren’t taught how to do it properly.  In fact, many marketers are criticised for writing poor briefs by their agencies, as you’ll see in this report by The Better Briefs Project.    

What the course covers   

We covered why briefing matters, the foundations of a good brief, writing the brief, delivering the brief and importantly how to embed the learnings to help the team get to better work and better performance. 

We’re here to help 

If you or your team need help unlocking better briefs, please get in touch with us.

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