A new course helping marketing teams unlock the power of value propositions 

That’s a wrap! We just returned from 3 fantastic days of running live training workshops for F&B giant Tate & Lyle in Chicago.  

This was a pilot of a new course we have developed to upskill marketing teams on value propositions.

What the course covered   

The course objective was to teach the Tate & Lyle team how to develop and sell powerful value propositions that win customers.   

Using industry best practice, practical tools & templates, and real-world examples, we covered what value propositions are & why they matter, how to leverage insights to design a product concept, and the art of translating a concept into a compelling narrative and pitching it to decision makers. 

Learning about value propositions with the shark tank approach  

The US version of Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank is a show which features a panel of investors called “sharks,” who decide whether to invest as entrepreneurs make business presentations on their company or product. 

We used the format of Shark Tank to teach the Tate & Lyle team about value propositions.  

The delegates took the product concept they developed across the first two days of training and learned how to build these out into a narrative and, crucially, how to present that narrative & bring it to life for a panel of ‘sharks’, or decision makers. 

It was a fun, immersive & interactive way to learn the art of pitching – and the results speak for themselves!  

The result  

We’re delighted to have received rave reviews from delegates, scoring this pilot 4.5 out of 5 and a net promoter score of 77.

We’re here to help  

This was a pilot course on value propositions for Tate & Lyle and we can’t wait to roll it out across their wider team. If you think we can help you with your training needs, please get in touch. You can find our full range of training programmes on our Training hub here

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