Unlock your brilliant best

A new coaching programme designed to help women Unlock their Brilliant Best

I have been planning a new course in my head for over a year now and am super excited to finally launch it out into the ‘real world’.  Designed drawing heavily on my own personal experience this 6 week, group coaching programme is for any women facing an obstacle that’s holding her back. I’m delighted to introduce you to ‘Unlock your Brilliant Best’.

Why did I write this course?

Having suffered from low confidence and a lack of self belief for much of my early career, I was fortunate enough to be given a coach who helped me understand the concept of ‘limiting beliefs’. These are the unhelpful things we tell ourselves and which often stop us from taking action or moving forward. With the help of my coach I was able to reprogramme the ‘voices’ and push towards the promotion I so wanted.

Around this time I was also fortunate to go on a course which introduced me to the concepts of super strengths and personal values. Truly understanding these things, and learning how to make them work for me, was game changing.

All these experiences, plus the experience I’ve had being a mum juggling career aspirations, as the only women in a leadership team and as a someone who has struggled to cut through in big groups, have shaped my new course. I want to help as many people as possibly overcome these common challenges, or ideally learn how to swerve them altogether!

What to expect from group coaching

It will be 6 weeks of live, group coaching (via zoom) on Friday lunchtimes with weekly recorded material to listen to, resources to watch and read and ongoing support from me and the group. I’ve also asked some of my wonderful friends to come along as guest speakers, so you’ll be hearing from the likes of Beth Rigby (sky’s political editor), Marie Clare Benson (VP of Lionsgate Studios) and Ellie Webb (founder of Caleno). They’re some of the most inspiring women I know and I can’t wait to hear their stories. So expect to be challenged, supported, empowered and inspired across the 6 weeks, and prepare for some big personal ‘ahas’ & hopefully a breakthrough or 2 as well.

Get in touch if you’d like to hear more or chat about anything coaching related.

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