The merchant gourmet range

A strategy project for Merchant Gourmet

We’re licking our lips at the prospect of this mouth-watering strategy project. Richard Peake, Grace Chau and the team at Merchant Gourmet are on an exciting growth trajectory. They’ve commissioned us to work with them on refining their growth strategy.

Together we’ll define the business goal and consumer growth strategy. From there we’ll work on consumer goals and growth drivers, making the critical choices needed to get to a focused strategy. The work will be based on consumer insight and the changes in consumer behaviour that are needed to deliver the financial outcomes for the business. And we’ll finish up by working with them and their media agency to develop the brief.

The importance of strategy

A clear strategy is critical. It aligns the business behind the goals and galvanises activity. A good strategy provides real clarity on priorities and choices to stakeholders. It facilitates great conversations with retailers. And it provides a clear direction for media and creative agencies. Without a clear strategy, it’s very difficult to develop a motivating and focused brief for media and creative agencies to activate against. In fact, that’s one of the biggest criticisms that agencies have of marketers. Be clear on your strategy, make the tough choices and then brief media and creative. So that’s what we’re doing.

How LockSmith can help

Alex and I have nearly 50 years combined experienced developing and delivering marketing plans, gained in a combination of corporate businesses and start-ups. We love a strategy project. More importantly, we love turning a strategy into a story that brings internal and external stakeholders on the journey. A story that helps them make great decisions. And a story that leads to effective marketing activity.

So, if this sort of support is something that you or your team needs, please just get in touch. We’d love to be able to help you out too.

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