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The lost art of briefing

At LockSmith, we’re huge believers in the power of a good brief. The clarity it provides. The creativity it can unlock. The time and money it saves. And we know from personal experience how hard it is to write a good brief and how much effort it takes, which is why we offer briefing training. So, we weren’t surprised when we read this excellent report from BetterBriefs but we were shocked at just how bad the situation has become. These few nuggets should get your attention!

1. 80% of marketers think they write good briefs. Tragically only 10% of the creatives on the receiving end agree

2. The main issues are a lack of clear objectives, a lack of clear strategy and (most damning of all) a lack of inspiration

3. 90% of briefs get changed mid-process

4. Marketers estimate that up to 33% of their budget is being wasted due to poor quality briefs (note – this is not an opportunity for finance to tighten the purse strings, a better brief releases that budget to be spent on executing the work and driving performance)

5. And in fact 60% of marketers admit to using the creative process to (rather expensively) clarify the strategic issues that should have been answered in advance

Don’t blame the agency for poor quality work or taking a long time to solve the problem. Take a long hard look in the mirror at the quality of the written brief AND how inspirationally (or not) it was delivered.

At LockSmith, we are experts in writing briefs, so much so that we have created a briefing training module (writing and delivering briefs, giving feedback and managing agency relationships). It’s just part of our comprehensive suite of marketing and innovation training programmes available to help you upskill your team and deliver better work that drives measurable results.

If the problems outlined in this excellent report from Better Briefs sound familiar, please get in touch and we’ll help get you out of this mess.

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