Unlocking Better Briefs and Insights for Yeo Valley

That’s a wrap!

We are back from two fantastic days in the West Country with the teams from Yeo Valley Organic, Yeo Valley Production Ltd & Arla Foods.

What we did

We were there to help the teams get better at Insights and then briefing marketing activity based on those insights.

Insights and briefing are critical, but underrated, skills for marketers. The truth is, most aren’t good enough at them. So we were delighted to help!

Especially as it’s got to be a contender for the best venue we’ve trained in AND the best place to work. 

What the course covered   

Day 1 was focused on unlocking real insights. We covered:

  • Introduction to the LockPicking Toolkit​
  • Defining the Consumer Challenge​
  • Gathering the information ​
  • Generating the insight​
  • Strategy and activity planning

Day 2 was dedicated to writing and delivering kick-ass briefs. We covered:

  • Inputs to a great brief​
  • Why briefing matters​
  • Writing an amazing brief​
  • Delivering an inspirational briefing​

The results

We are over the moon to have received a net promoter score of 93!

Here is what Niall Mckee, Brand Marketing Director at Yeo Valley, had to say:

“Our second multi-day training with Chris and Alex has again been packed full of new learning, tools, insights, engagement, collaboration and fun.”

Here is what some of the delegates had to say:

“After my training sessions with LockSmith I’ve come away feeling really confident with writing insights and developing briefs. Their tools are easy to use, I have them saved to my desktop and use regularly.”

“The LockSmith workshops are insanely insightful and inspiring. You want to get cracking with a new piece of work straight away and pop all your new tools you’ve learnt into practice.”

We’re here to help 

If you or your team need help unlocking better briefs, unlocking real insights or a combination of the two, please get in touch with us.

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