Helping C&C unlock kick ass customer sell-ins  

Alex & I were in Glasgow this week delivering a bespoke course called Unlock Kick Ass Customer Sell-Ins, a two-day workshop for the C&C marketing team.  

The course in a nutshell  

We designed the course to help the C&C team hone their skills around building awesome customer sell-ins.  

The heart of the customer sell-in is the concept of the Triple Win: Think Shopper, Think Supplier, Think Customer. The goal is to have the ability to identify an overlap in interests that works for all 3 parties – we call this the sweet spot. This is central to any good sell-in and it’s the one thing you need to keep coming back to. 

Why is the sell-in so important for FMCG marketers? 

Your brand marketing activity is completely wasted if you’re not listed in the right outlets. Your customer ( the retailer) is the gatekeeper and stands in the way of you being able to sell your products to your end consumer, so you need to be able to convince them! The key to this is becoming a trusted partner by listening to their needs, being helpful and not just putting your agenda first. 

The result  

We are delighted to hear how much the team got out of this workshop. We’ve had a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and the NPS (Net Promoter Score – meaning the % of people that would recommend the course) is a whopping 90. 

We’re here to help  

Are you an FMCG brand looking to supercharge your retail presence & availability? Let’s chat!  

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