Unlocking amazing briefs

Unlocking Amazing Briefs

We’ve got an exciting announcement.  We’ve launched a new course called, ‘Unlocking Amazing Briefs’ and we’d love to see you on it!

A good brief is critical if you want good work. But writing a good brief is a skill and it takes practice. Sadly, there are far too many poor quality briefs out there.  And people talk about just ‘knocking out’ a brief, as if it’s something you can do without thinking.  Here’s the thing.  Poor brief in means poor work out.  It’s a false economy.

The Better Briefs Project

In fact, the awesome people at The Better Briefs Project hit the nail on the head when they conducted some brilliant research on this topic in 2021. Check out the shocking findings here. But in short – marketers think they write great briefs, and most of their agency partners vehemently disagree. The main issue is that the briefs are not single-minded. Or put another way not enough thought has gone into making strategic choices in advance of writing the brief. Turns out, many marketers actually use the creative briefing process to do their strategic thinking for them and that’s an enormous waste of time and money.

Unlocking Amazing Briefs, the new course from LockSmith

So, we’ve designed ‘Unlocking Amazing Briefs’ to teach marketers how to write and deliver much better briefs and get much better results.  The course is also perfect for agency teams who want to help their clients write better briefs.

We cover the critical inputs to the brief, especially how to make the tough strategic decisions that lead to a focused brief.  Then we turn our attention to how to write a great brief, using our briefing template. How to deliver an inspirational brief. And finally, how to objectively judge the output form the brief and provide constructive feedback.  The course is full of practical examples and useful tips.  And we’re joined by a series of experts who share their experience and valuable insights to help you write and deliver better briefs.

Here we are explaining why we wrote the course.

All the details can be found here.  So, if you would like to book yourself on the course or to find out more from us please drop us a line.

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