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We’re very excited to be working with the content and marketing teams at Macmillan Cancer Support.  It’s a charity that has special meaning for both of us. 

We’ll be training the team in how to write and deliver an awesome creative brief. Can’t wait to get started.

Writing briefs is such a critical skill for marketers, and sadly one that is not focused on enough. In fact, The Better Briefs Project carried out some market research amongst clients and agencies in 2021 and found just how poor most briefs really are. Full details of the report can be found here.

The course we are delivering for Macmillan Cancer Support starts by exploring just how important briefs are. We then look at the important inputs into a good brief: Strategy, situation analysis, audience understanding, insight, brand positioning and activity selection. From there we focus on how to write and importantly how to deliver an inspirational brief. And then we finish by training the team in how to handle the response to brief: creative judgement, giving good feedback, the difference between and idea and an execution, how to work well with your agency partners and how to be brave when it comes to executing the work.

If you or your team would benefit from some training to improve your brief writing, please do get in touch.

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