Commercial skills are critical - this image shows the desk of a finance person hard at work

Teaching marketers the commercial skills they need to be successful

Working with our partners at The Copy Club, LockSmith has just launched cohort 2 of its acclaimed Commercials Crash Course. It’s a 5-week course that aims to add commercial skills to the toolkits of marketers, to compliment their creative and strategic abilities. Many marketers are in the dark about their commercial responsibilities or even scared that they don’t know what the language means. After all, finance is the language of the boardroom so if you want to succeed in marketing, commercial skills need to be second nature.

The course covers topics such as defining the commercial responsibilities of marketers, customer value perception, linking marketing activity to financial goals, writing a business case, managing a P&L, business performance management, pricing and promotion strategy, writing a selling proposition, basic analytics and developing strong commercial relationships.

If you feel that your business would benefit from an in-house and bespoke version of this course for your marketing team, you can find further details about the course here. Please get in touch via our contact page.

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