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The Key to Innovation course is now available for sign-up

Want to improve your innovation skills and increase your innovation success rate?  The Key to Innovation course is just what you need.

The Key to Innovation is a 4-week training course that teaches you everything you need to know about FMCG innovation and is delivered by Alex O’Rourke and Chris Lock, drawing on their experience from Diageo, Coca-Cola, Fever Tree and Lily’s Kitchen.

The course covers the FMCG innovation process from start to finish, with 16 hours of classroom time:  


đź’ˇGate process

đź’ˇOpportunity spotting


đź’ˇConcept development

đź’ˇLaunch plans

đź’ˇThe business case

đź’ˇRetailer sell-ins



In addition to best in class theory, Alex and Chris will share experiences and anecdotes from their own careers as innovators in both corporate and start-up businesses.  They’ll be joined each week by a series of exciting guest speakers to bring additional perspectives to the training.  The course materials are supported by tools and templates, case studies and additional reading material.

This course is perfect for marketing, innovation or product managers of all levels and abilities who are looking to enhance their skills. It will also provide an excellent insight into the world of product innovation for anyone seeking to make a career move.

It starts on Thursday 24th February and runs on Thursday mornings for 4-weeks, until 17th March. Click here for more details or get in touch with Alex or Chris if you have any questions you’d like us to answer.

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