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Brand Manager Boot Camp is back!

We’re delighted to be working with our friends at The Copy Club once more with round 5 of the acclaimed Brand Manager Boot Camp. This marketing capability training course is aimed at marketers in start-ups and SMEs who haven’t had the opportunity to gain the foundational skills needed in their careers. Until now!

Boot Camp takes the best of blue chip FMCG marketing capability and combines it with the agility and creativity of the start-up world. The course covers insight, strategy activity selection, project management, briefing, creative judgement, media planning, career development and measure and evaluation. Essentially, the full marketing cycle covered end to end.

So, if you or someone you know is in need of these foundational skills, please visit The Copy Club to sign up. And if you think your business would benefit from a bespoke version of the course delivered in-house, please get in touch with Chris and Alex directly.

Brand Manager Boot Camp round 5 starts on 26th May and runs for 8 weeks, taking place via Zoom every Wednesday evening from 1800-2000 GMT.

To date, we have trained over 100 people through Boot Camp. Here’s what some of our previous delegates have to say about the course.

“Invaluable” – Nicola, Marketing Manager at Tony’s Chocolonely. “As a marketing manager who never had the classical marketing training, the brand manager boot camp has been invaluable. Chris and Alex have a wealth of industry experience between them and have created brilliantly engaging content punctuated with memorable anecdotes and sage advice. I’m looking forward to embedding what I’ve learned into my day job.”

“Best training course I’ve ever done” – Clare, Head of Marketing at Peter’s Yard. “By far the best training course I’ve ever done. Chris and Alex are such engaging and passionate teaches and created a lovely, supportive atmosphere too. The course covered everything I hoped it would and has provided me with an invaluable toolkit to help me day-to-day and given me confidence to face future challenges with.”

“It would take me years of experience to get this kind of knowledge” – Marta, Marketing Executive at Few&Far. “It would take me years of experience (and painful mistakes) to get this kind of knowledge. From the entire brand management cycle all the way down to practicalities of kicking-off projects and identifying my strengths, Chris and Alex really covered it all. Most importantly, now I have a full set of frameworks, tools and tips I can apply with confidence.”

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